Audrey An Activist

Audrey An Activist

March 13, 2019

Makin’ Moves

May 30, 2018

Is That a Phone?!

Rachel Dotson, Writer

February 27, 2018

BANG BANG! That is the sound of a mallet hitting Ms. McCauley’s desk--the sound you will awake to if you fall asleep in her class. McCauley, a Social Studies teacher at Long Reach High School, is an outstanding teacher who cares...

2017 New Beginnings

Berri Wilmore, Writer

October 20, 2017

Updated: Feb 2018 from Oct 2017 As the final tendrils of summer fade away, and the fall months roll in, students across the country fall back into the routine of back to school. For Megha Sharma, a senior at Long Reach, the fir...

Into The Blue!

Into The Blue!

May 18, 2017

Keystone Kirby

Keystone Kirby

May 17, 2017

Call Him Gobi

Call Him Gobi

October 22, 2016

Student Snapshot

Bryce Yelton, Center Spread Editor, Writer

June 2, 2016

Rose O’Neil, a senior at Long Reach High School, is one of the school’s up and coming photographers. While building her photo portfolio, O’Neil focuses on developing her own style, which she characterizes as “Nature...

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