Credit to Miriam Roy
Credit to Miriam Roy

Hispanic Traditions Celebrated Year Round

September 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month in the United States. People of Hispanic origin, such as Mexicans, Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, South Americans, and Central Americans, take part by celebrating in different ways, all the way through October 15. During Hispanic Heritage month, Hispanics celebrate many traditions across the United States. Some of these traditions include dancing, live music, art displays and food stalls. Take time to learn about the famous Hispanic traditions that are celebrated throughout Hispanic Culture, and learn how you can join and take part in these traditions. 

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One of the traditions that is celebrated is Dia de Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead. This is a common Mexican tradition where people honor and celebrate the dead on the first and second of November. On the first day, the celebration is dedicated to children, and the second day is dedicated to adults. People put up altares with flowers as decoration and food as offerings to the dead , as well as pictures of the deceased person. At this celebration, they wear different colorful clothes and makeup to represent the dead, and they meet each other at cemeteries to share food.

Another tradition that celebrates hispanic culture is the use of Las Pinatas, a birthday ornament that has 7 cones and is filled with candy. It is often made with paper mache, pottery, or cloth and then decorated. They are celebrated by being hung on ceilings at birthday parties, first communions, Baptisms and other celebrations. The purpose is for the pinata to be hit with a stick held by the one being celebrated while they are blindfolded and make the cones fall causing the candy to fall out.

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Lastly, another Hispanic tradition that is easy to take part in is to learn the song Las Mananitas. It is a famous and well known birthday song in Mexico, as well as Latin America. It is usually sung in the morning, just before the person wakes up, or just before the cake is cut for a birthday celebration. Although there are many versions of this song, people who hear it are hit with its exciting and captive tune, and catchy rhythm of the words.

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All in all, there are many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and even people not of Hispanic heritage can take part in celebrating the culture and history of people with heritage from Mexico, Spain, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.



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