When Lightning Strikes, We Dance Under the Lights

LRHS Homecoming 2016


Courtesy of Lifetouch

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  • Seniors’ student section – Homecoming. Courtesy of Delaney Harrison

  • Juniors’ student section – Homecoming. Courtesy of Delaney Harrison

  • Sophomores’ student section – Homecoming. Courtesy of Delaney Harrison

  • Freshmen’s student section – Homecoming. Courtesy of Delaney Harrison

  • A sea of purple. Courtesy of Delaney Harrison

  • Varsity Cheerleaders performing stunts at the pep rally. Courtesy of Delaney Harrison

  • LRHS seniors rock their pride. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Freshman Shawn Lee and Junior Julian Young Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • JV Cheerleaders pumping up the crowd. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • POMS strut their stuff. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Epic tug-of-war battle. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Epic tug-of-war battle. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Students throw pies in teachers’ faces. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • From left to right: Freshman Prince John Lee, Sophomore Prince Maurice Kennedy, Sophomore Princess Annalisa Lan, Freshman Princess Shania Holliday, Senior Queen Devon Williams, Senior Justin Manprated, and Junior Princess Amanda Thomas.

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“Everybody do the lightning rumble!”

Long Reach students’ pride flowed through the hallways during Spirit Week on October
10-14. The walls were covered in decorated posters of lightbulbs, as the theme of this year was “Under the Lights.” The decor this year was tasteful and created a sense of balance as students travelled the hallways throughout their day.

Spirit Week’s purpose is to get students pumped up about Homecoming weekend. The tradition also holds another intention: uniting our student body. Notice any students that you have not met before thanks to their outlandish Tourist Thursday gear? Some were confused when they saw a second cowboy roaming the halls to pair with his match on Twin Tuesday. Did you see more of “the color purple” on Friday’s class color day than you would ever get to in an English classroom?

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  • Sophomores Shigdha Puram and Megha Sharma display their posters for clubs.

  • Junior “twins” Elias Rivera and Luis Arredondo. Photo courtesy of Ms. Coleman

  • Sophomore Kamryn Walker poses in her tourist gear. Photo courtesy of Ms. Coleman

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There is no doubt Long Reach: our school spirit is rising, and this year’s Spirit Week proved it! “Wearing the senior color of purple on color day made me want to go all out and beat everyone else,” says Jessica Anaya, a senior, who praised this year’s spirit week much more than the one in her freshman year.

Even a bit of well-intentioned competition led to some students participating in Spirit Week more than they had in the past.

Not only did the seniors beat everyone with their school pride, but they roared in the stands during the pep rally. Naturally, that sense of competition is what makes the school pep rally thrive. “[The] pep rally is what brings the school together,” Senior Aaron Park states. “Even though it is the biggest competition [in the school], Long Reach students face against each other.”

The pep rally is a competition between all grade levels, and each year seniors come out victorious. “Being a sophomore and seeing the seniors’ excitement makes me excited and encouraged to go through high school strong,” Haley Forman, a sophomore, says dreamily. The pep rally included pie tosses, tug of war, and teacher dance parties–now that is what you call a real family gathering!

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  • Senior Tyler Raines catches a hike from Senior Shayne Holmes. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Senior Jalen Hall runs toward victory. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Senior Jalen Hall keeps a secure hold of the ball. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Junior Jason Massengill braces himself from oncoming defense. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Coach Beetle Rice and Coach Nikkia Johnson pose with their Varsity cheerleaders. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • LRHS students show off their moves. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • LRHS students enjoy the homecoming dance. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • Juniors Hamza Bhatti and Nikki Luanglath pose for a picture at homecoming. Courtesy of Lifetouch

  • LRHS students enjoy the homecoming dance. Courtesy of Lifetouch

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The parade started with the marching band proposing the first sounds of Homecoming morning. The music filled the entire parking lot of Long Reach as candy was being thrown and whistles were blown. The atmosphere of that early morning got every student fired up for the football game at 1:00 against Glenelg High School. Not only did we beat them 35-7, but we had an enormous show out in the stands supporting our players and wearing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.

The dance was lit up, just like our hallways! Loud music put the students into a dancing mood, and they made memories by singing and dancing with their closest friends–resulting in a  resounding homecoming success. It was a huge turnout for homecoming and the glow wristbands and necklaces passed out really made the dance light up even more.

“I didn’t care what anyone thought about my dancing, I was there to have fun and I did!” says Senior Alex Cecala, who was dancing like no one was watching. “I had a smile the whole night–it was definitely a dance I will never forget,” she recalls, her nostalgic memory bringing a smile to her face. Being surrounded by good friends and good music is sure to make memories that will last forever.

Overall, Long Reach High School not only has developed a passionate student body, but a strong community as a whole. Thriving throughout the halls of Long Reach will be some of the most memorable four years we as students will experience.