JazzedUpCosmetics Takes Off!

Junior Jasmine Ferguson’s self-owned cosmetics shop


Bombshell, Iridesca, Nebula…. These are a few of the sparkling options that customers can choose from the lip gloss section of JazzedUpCosmetics.

Junior Jasmine Ferguson’s trademarked business sells cosmetics ranging from lip gloss and eyeshadow to press-on nails, lashes, and accessories.

Ferguson had the idea to start her business after watching a YouTube video about how to make lip gloss because she hates hair-store-bought lip gloss.

“I definitely started from the ground and built my business from nothing,” noted Ferguson. “I had no previous knowledge of how to source, especially internationally, how to find vendors, or how to even gain followers or potential customers.”

JazzedUpCosmetics had a slow start; Ferguson struggled with posting consistently on the brand’s Instagram page since she wasn’t familiar with marketing or ensuring that her posts reached a wider audience every day. However, Ferguson rose above the challenge.

“The upside of running a business is that it’s taught me more than I could ever learn from someone else,” remarked Ferguson. “I find that learning firsthand is much better for me personally, and I learn from my mistakes and find ways to improve.”

Another challenge for Ferguson is balancing school with all the tasks that come with an ever-increasing business.

She commented, “As I grow bigger, I do find it stressful managing a large volume of orders every month, keeping stock, running my socials, and packing and shipping while being a student, but this has definitely taught me to stay focused and learn time management.”

JazzedUpCosmetics receives between 60 and 100 orders per week. According to Ferguson, when she first started her business, she would have one order every once in a while and sometimes 3-6 per week. Now, the number of orders each week has increased significantly, which has made Ferguson happy with the growth of her business so far.

“I am very proud of myself for getting to this point because many people who know me know that I am outgoing but also very shy when meeting unfamiliar people,” she remarked. “I feel like my business is a part of who I am and honestly pushes me and shows the real ambition and dedication I have for [it].”

Ferguson currently takes Principles of Business at Long Reach and plans to take Principles of Accounting and Marketing in her senior year, all of which count for college credits. After high school, she plans to pursue a business degree at either Morgan or Howard University, and will run her business full time once she graduates.

“I never wanted something more,” commented Ferguson. “So when people ask me, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ I say exactly what I am doing right now, and some people take me seriously and some don’t, but I’ll let my work prove them wrong.”

How well do you know cosmetics?

  1. Which product is applied to eyelashes?
    1. Concealer
    2. Mascara
    3. Highlight
    4. Lip liner
  2. What is another name for Rouge?
    1. Foundation
    2. Bronzer
    3. Moisturizer
    4. Blush
  3. Which of these products is not intended for eyebrows?
    1. Pomade
    2. Pencil
    3. Toner
    4. Gel
  4. What type of products have no shine?
    1. Matte
    2. Dewy
    3. Organic
    4. Creme products
  5. What is a lighter substitute for foundation?
    1. Contour
    2. BB cream
    3. Eyeshadow
    4. Setting powder


See Results Below: If you got….

  • 0-2 answers correct: You’re a makeup fledgling! Research basic makeup routines to get a sense of what different products are used for.
  • 3-4 answers correct: You’re a scholar! To increase what you know, you can watch YouTube videos from makeup artists and channels to pick up on more tips and techniques.
  • 5 answers correct: You’re a makeup connoisseur! You can consider giving out makeup tips or getting creative to try original techniques.


  1. B: Mascara
  2. D: Blush
  3. C: Toner
  4. A: Matte
  5. B: BB cream