Successful Seniors

Volleyball Senior Game at LRHS Against Wilde Lake


Senior Varsity Volleyball players at their senior game on October 24, 2019 with their families. From left to right: Elizabeth Liedahl, Rayna Livingston, Brianna Chinn, Lindsay Hall, Shyla Harvin, Lauren Lee, and Hadiya Letren. Photo Courtesy of Long Reach Boosters.

Anonymous said, “Accept what comes and allow it to leave when it’s time.”

Notably, senior volleyball players had their senior game against Wilde Lake on October 24th.

Mr. Groch, the coach for varsity volleyball, stated that “The senior game is a celebration of players who have continued with the program through their senior year. The event recognizes the time and effort that these players have spent after school and during the summer preparing for their volleyball matches.”

Coach Groch added that before the game started, “a quick ceremony [was] held to recognize the senior players.” 

The seniors took turns walking down the gym with their loved ones and stood in front while the juniors gave a small speech. The speeches were personal and emotional. The juniors mentioned how they enjoyed being on the team with them but also how great of a friend the seniors are. 

While the senior game is similar to any other game, there are also differences. Mr. Groch explained, “Seniors are guaranteed to play on senior night, even if they normally do not contribute to the team in that role.”

There are factors that contribute to the success of the team. Mr. Groch stated that developing a relationship between the coach and the players is important. “A player and coach must have a relationship that allows a coach to honestly assess a player’s capabilities and identify areas for improvement.”

Long Reach did not win their senior game, but their success is not determined by their loss of one game. The players measure their success by other means. 

Senior player Elizabeth Liedahl said, “When it comes to being successful, I value humbleness.” She adds that when a person becomes successful, they reach their fullest potential without “bragging about how successful they are.”

Junior Michelle Caternor points out that when it comes to success, the most important aspect is that “you’re always willing to learn new things and better yourself.” 

Coach Groch also mentioned that the ability to communicate allows players to understand the instructions of the coach. In contrast, not being able to communicate and having a bad relationship does not “enable the player to improve their skills and therefore hinder[s] the team’s ability to succeed.” 

Liedahl describes her team as “dynamic, rowdy, and outgoing” while Caternor describes it as “fun and loving.”

Liedahl mentioned that at the start of high school she “would aspire to be a part of the varsity team saying ‘I could never.’” However, she made it to varsity during her junior year and now she says “I can always.”

While it might not be their last time hitting a volleyball or serving the ball, the senior game is special because it is their last time playing while wearing the Long Reach jersey.

How much do you really know about volleyball? 


  1. The game of volleyball was not invented until the 1900s. 
  2. The longest recorded volleyball game was 85 hours and took place in the Netherlands. 
  3. Volleyball was originally called handball. 
  4. Volleyball has characteristics of other sports such as tennis and handball. 
  5. “Kong” is the term for a one-handed block in volleyball which is named after King Kong. 

Answer Key

  1. False (Close: the game was not invented until the 1900s.)
  2. True (Crazy, but true!)
  3. False (It was actually called mintonette)
  4. True
  5. True