Image Credits: NFL
Image Credits: NFL

Cry Eagles Cry

The 2023 Superbowl

March 22, 2023

For 17 weeks, all 32 teams battle against each other to get a chance to go to the finals. Our modern day gladiators play one brutal game to determine the winner. What is this called? The Super Bowl! And this has been going on for decades, dating back all the way to January 15th, of 1967 where the very first Super Bowl was The Kansas City Chiefs v.s. The Green Bay Packers which ended in a heartbreaking defeat for the Chiefs 35-10. 

Is losing in Kansas City’s blood? Or do they have a chance to redeem themselves in Super Bowl LVII featuring The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Playing in the scorching sun of Phoenix Arizona, one team will be victors and the other losers. 

The Eagles have been a dominant force in the NFC, National Football Conference, and the NFL, National Football League, putting up an impressive 8-0 record in the beginning and ending 14-3 in the regular season. Going into the Super Bowl they had a 60% favor in winning. The Kansas Chiefs were no different either. They were an intimidating team to go against with Patrick Mahomes, former Super Bowl LV Champion, as QB; they also finished the regular season with the same 14-3 record. They had a 40% favor in winning. Will that discourage them or stop them? That was for them to decide. 82a9faff1b6f46a71311a7795e3c4a8/block_screen.html?id=b7b2c717-ff7d-4022-8cda-3c4ad1ea7980

Finally, the game starts. Mahomes chooses tails and, as the coin is tossed into the air and lands on the turf beneath, luck is in the hands of the Chiefs. But they choose to give the ball to the Eagles. So, while the Eagles start, the Chiefs secure the ball in the second half. The Eagles set the pace early as Eagles QB Jalen Hurts rushed into the endzone on 1st and GOAL, with 10:09 left, now leading the game 7-0 after the extra point. 

Then, the Chiefs make a touchdown of their own, Patrick Mahoms throws an absolute dot to Travis Kelce on 2nd and 8 with 6:57 left for a game tying touchdown. 7-7 after the extra point. You could almost hear the trashtalk Travis was yelling to his brother over in Philly. The game remains tied as we enter the second quarter. 

Jalen Hurts wasn’t having it, and he threw an absolute nuclear bomb from 60 yards away on 1st and 10 to A.J. Brown who secures the touchdown, leading the Eagles 14-7 after the extra point with 14:52 remaining in the second quarter. Everything was fine and dandy until Jalen Hurts FUMBLED THE BALL on 3rd and 6, allowing Linebacker Nick Bolton to scoop it up like he scoops up his double chocolate chip ice cream at his nearest Baskin Robbins and makes the touchdown. It’s now 14-14 after the extra point, a tie game with 9:39 left. 

But now it’s Jalen Hurts’ redemption. Mr. “I bench 600 pounds” decides that he doesn’t want to be a quarterback anymore and pulls a Lamar Jackson and rushes to the endzone for a touchdown on 1st and GOAL! With 2:20 left in the first half, Jalen Hurts manages to lead The Eagles 14-21 after the extra point. After that, they decide to end the quarter off with Jake Elliott taking a 35 yard field goal attempt. He kicks and makes it, sealing the Eagles lead in the first half 14-24. 

GLENDALE, ARIZONA – FEBRUARY 12: Rihanna performs onstage during the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) (Ezra Shaw)

After an exhilarating first half, it’s time for someone to take the stage who hasn’t been in the spotlight in four years. With a stage full of dancers and floating platforms holding two each, all wearing white, a woman in red is seen in the direct middle. It’s the one and only RIHANNA! She sang some of her most well known songs, as well as some newer additions. 

After getting the crowd hyped for an amazing halftime show, she started with “Bitch Better Have my Money,” followed by “Where Have You Been,”  “Only Girl ( In The Word ),”  “We Found Love,”  “Rude Boy,”  “Work,”  “Wild Thoughts,”  “All Of The Lights,”  “Run This Town,”  “Umbrella,”  and finally ending it off with “Diamonds,” which I and so many others absolutely jammed out to. Don’t shame us, we enjoyed it. 

But during the performance, people couldn’t help but notice that Rihanna was looking a bit . . . rotund in the belly area. Many people thought she looked pregnant. It was a mystery for the entire performance until she later revealed that she is pregnant, but she had previously only told carefully chosen people. 

We finally entered the third quarter after an amazing halftime performance by Rihanna; now it’s time for football and the Eagles win . . . right? I mean, with a 10 point lead there’s no way they can lose. Well, the Chiefs decided to make the Eagles the clown at this circus attraction as Mahomes threw to Isaiah Pacheco on 2nd and GOAL. And with 9:30 left, they are closing the gap, 21-24 after the extra point, Eagles still lead. They then take Jake Elliott and have him attempt a 33 yard field goal attempt. Which he absolutely drills! 21-27, Eagles lead with 1:45 left on 4th and 6. Third quarter wasn’t that eventful but then again we always have the fourth quarter! 

FOURTH QUARTER!!! The end of a spectacular game is approaching. Who will win? Who will lose? All questions will be answered very soon. To start off the quarter Patrick Mahomes, on 3rd and 3, throws to Kadarius Toney, who just strolls on into the endzone completely unfazed and wide open. He’s picking daisies, smelling roses, and has his pink umbrella with him as he scores the touchdown that puts the Cheifs up 28-27 after the extra point, with 12:04 left.

Then, Patrick Mahomes does the same thing but to Skyy Moore. He finds Skyy Moore wide open over in La La Land on 3rd and GOAL, and he does the same thing. He strolls into the endzone, not a single drip of sweat on his forehead. This puts the Chiefs up 35-27 after the extra point, with 9:22 remaining. 

But wait, there’s more, Jalen Hurts, the man, the myth, and the legend puts the team on his back and scores another touchdown on 1st and GOAL, 5:15 remaining, the Eagles are tailgating the Chiefs 35-33. They go for the two point conversion to tie the game. AND HE DOES IT AGAIN! Jalen Hurts makes the 2 point conversion to tie the game with 5:15 left! But sadly for all of us Eagles Fans. The Chiefs get Harrison Bukter to go for a 27 yard field goal attempt with :08 left in the fourth. He drills it, and the final score of Super Bowl LVII is 35-33 Kansas City Chiefs. 

With that being said, The Kansas City Chiefs finish the season 17-3 as Super Bowl Champions, and the Philadelphia Eagles leave the losers 16-4. This makes it the third time ever that The Chiefs bring a title back to their city. Once in 1970, 2020, and now 2023.

But let’s not discredit the Eagles as Jalen Hurts threw for an amazing 304 yards, ran 70, three scores, and a game tying two-point conversion. A.J. Brown made 6/8 catches for 96 yards and a touchdown. Jake Elliott made all of his field goal attempts doing 2 for 2. But of course the main focus is on the Chiefs as Travis Kelce caught two passes for 38 yards and a touchdown. Nick Bolton led the game with nine tackles and a fumble recovery. Isaiah Pacheco ran 76 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries. Kadarius Toney scored a touchdown with such disrespect. Then almost made history with a near touchdown on the punt return. This led to Skyy Moore scoring his first touchdown of his career. And to seal the deal, Harrison Bukter goes on to be the hero of the story, kicking a 27 yard field goal and securing their win. Editors. (2009, November 16). “Packers Beat Chiefs In First Super Bowl”,Memorial%20Coliseum%20in%20Los%20Angeles 

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