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Marvel movie Black Panther makes history

Many of us are used to seeing superheroes with alter egos such as Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Bruce Banner, and Barry Allen within the Marvel and DC universe. But names such as T’Challa do not exactly flow off the American tongue. Black Panther was a movie that highlighted the issues of being of African descent, and unlike most blockbuster films, this movie was able to do so with a predominantly black cast and an African American director. Along with this unique cast, Black Panther was able to soar beyond its 200 million dollar budget.

“The movie was an amazing work of art that provided a link between African American culture and comic book culture,” exclaimed Junior Prince Achoronye.

As of May 2018, Black Panther has gained 1.3 billion dollars in box office sales worldwide, making it the 9th largest global grosser of all time, surpassing movies such as Dark Knight Rises, Jurassic Park , and Captain America: Civil War.

“Great for a marvel movie, but even better for a cultural movie,” stated Junior Tega Ojegun.

For the black community, this film has the ability to empower young minds. With this movie coming out during a period  in which many believe the future of black people looks unpromising due to the questionable presidency of Donald Trump, it seems almost as if this was perfect timing.

Black Panther’s impact on the black community has been very significant, [for] it delves into the culture of an African community in a fiction universe, but represents the underrated genius African Americans possess,” explained Achoronye.

The country of Wakanda touches on a interesting subject: a powerful affluent African nation that never experienced colonization or domination by white Europeans, that, despite its prosperity, it refused to assist its less fortunate, neighboring African nations. Ryan Coogler, the movie’s director, was able to answer the question of what an African nation may have looked like without outside influence.

“It showed and portrayed a positive background featuring black people, but also African people…. It showed the royal aspect of black people,” Ojegun concluded.

Black Panther is an almost flawless film that allows even a movie-goer unfamiliar to the marvel universe follow along with the story. It has relatable characters from the protagonists to the main antagonist. It was even able to separate itself from other action films with its engaging action. While watching this you won’t often find yourself missing anything.

“[Black Panther] will go down as one of the greatest black movies, along with Boyz In Da Hood and Juice,” said Junior Rashaad Calahan.  

With thought provoking themes, a large imaginative world, and fresh compelling characters, Black Panther was able to make a significant impact on film history.