Long Reach Presents A Night on Mt. Olympus


Zeus struck the Reach with talent, and the talent came out to strike. On December 8, 2017, Long Reach hosted its annual Coffeehouse in the atrium. Here at Long Reach, Coffeehouse is a way for students and teachers to broadcast their talents ranging from singing and dancing to comedy, poetry, and acting.

Long Reach’s NAHS holds Coffeehouse every year to display the talents that are hidden throughout the school. Hard work goes into the event each year to raise money for the art programs. For just $5, student were able to experience the show, themed A Night on Mt. Olympus. “The goal was to transport students back to a time of a land thriving with Greek Gods and Goddesses,” explained Senior Co-president, Amelia Perez-Roldan, who planned the theme.

Seniors Berri Wilmore, Elle Brunner, Micah Thomas, and Gracie McGreevy perform a scene from Mean Girls.

Past Coffeehouses have achieved success, but this year there was talk of even more. “There were more people there than I have ever seen attend in the past. I was surprised at the outcome,” said Junior Mckenzie Nickel.

While the whole National Arts Honor Society put effort into transforming the atrium into the mythical Olympus for a night of Greek Gods and Goddesses, the talent was the real attraction.

There were many handwritten pieces performed that night. For instance, Senior Evan Fletcher composed a piece named “Flashbulb.” Fletcher exclaimed, “I love piano, and when I wrote that, I poured my all into it. Everyone is nervous when it comes to performing their own craft, but the product came out well.”

Not only the students showcased their skills, but teachers contributed as well. Mr. Smith entertained the audience with a song medley. Senior Brittany Alford said, “He was actually really good. Everyone liked it and cheered him on.”

“Students are often surprised at what their teachers can do. No one ever expects their teacher to let loose and perform,” Mr. Smith claims.

Juniors Raki Balaji and Sravya Veldurthi gave a sassy performance of the song “Give It Up.” Balaji stated that they worked really hard on that song and when they heard it, they knew that was the song they were going to sing.

What really had the audience on their toes was the Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock” reenactment, performed by Berri Wilmore, Elle Brunner, Micah Thomas, and Gracie McGreevie. “That was the best part of the night. Everyone was crying from laughter. They had that whole scene down to the core,” Senior, Sydney Cromwell said enthusiastically.

NAHS outdid themselves this year and left their mark. Round of applause for all the talent at Coffeehouse this year.