The Shakespearian Influence

Shakespearean Skits

Kalli Kondulis

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William Shakespeare once said “Learning is but an adjunct to ourself, and where we are learning likewise is.”

Twelfth grade English teacher Ms. Johnston collaborated with the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory to provide LRHS students with the opportunity to study the art of stage acting and combat fighting. Two Shakespearean actors from BSF worked with Ms. Johnston’s and Ms. Blasko’s theatre students for two weeks in February to put on short performances in the atrium.

Seniors Cam’ron Smith and Ariana Diaz perform a sword fight. Photo courtesy of Ms. Coleman

One LRHS actor, Senior Tilina Alzaben, expressed, “I thought it was a new experience that I really enjoyed being a part of, especially learning about stage combat. It was a lot of dancing; there was a specific choreography that needed to be memorized in order to make the fight scene appear real. Plus, playing with a fake sword is really cool.”

Some LRHS English classes were able to attend the performances to enrich their curriculum on studying Shakespeare. Not only did the audience enjoy the show put on by the seniors, many of the kids performing loved it as well.

Senior Noelle Diaz emphasized, “I was so nervous about performing Shakespeare, but it really helped me come out of my shell. It was a lot of fun to learn new things.”

Students also enjoyed learning from BSF actors Jamie Jager and Jonas Grey. Long Reach High School Senior Briana Fischer-Wink commented, “I really liked them. Next time, even though [I am] a senior, I’d like a longer time with them to learn more.”

Commenting on the experience, Mrs. Johnston stated, “We are looking to expand it and looking to continue the relationship with the students and Baltimore Shakespeare Factory for it to be something that every twelfth grade student has the opportunity to do.”

As the next school year approaches, hopefully this fun-learning experience can be integrated into the curriculum as a right of passage for every senior to experience before they graduate.