Journey to The Coast Guard

Senior Nick Epstein Goes to the Coast Guard Academy

Kalli Kondulis, Writer

Senior Nick Epstein. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch.

Senior Nick Epstein has been accepted into the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. On March 3rd, he received the exciting news from his first-pick military college.

Senior and friend Eric Hynson boasted, “It’s an incredible accomplishment and everyone is extremely proud of him.”

Once accepted at the Coast Guard Academy, an applicant first has to do a summer boot camp before their first year. Upon graduation, they owe five years to the military as an exchange for fully paid tuition.

The Marines have always been respected in the nation, so it makes the accomplishment all the greater.

Joe Mondy, a senior, stated, “Nick is a hard worker, and whenever he sets his mind to something, he makes sure to get it done; and this time he set his eye on the Coast Guard and now will be attending in the fall of 2017.”

The Coast Guard Academy is one of many prestigious military schools. Its acceptance rate was 18% in 2016 according to the Academy itself.

Epstein explained, “I realized that I wanted to serve my country in more than just getting a degree and joining the workforce, but I always wanted to get a good education and pursue a career in cyber security, and what better place to do that than the military?”

Epstein expanded, “They do more domestic work than other branches so I will be doing what I can to better this country on U.S. soil.”

The Coast Guard Academy’s boot camp is starting soon this summer. Long Reach will be very excited to see him there and learn what his future holds.