New Sign, New Horoscopes

Brenna Morrison, Writer

Your horoscope may have been lying to you. Chances are, with the new shift in zodiac signs, your sign has changed. NASA released an official statement recently which included the new dates, a new zodiac sign, and why these changes were made.

The reason for the sudden change is NASA’s decision to include a 13th constellation in the zodiac, called Ophiuchus.

This new sign is not really new at all; it has been in existence since the Babylonians identified all the constellations in the zodiac in the 6th century BCE. Early astronomers decided not to include all 13 constellations in order to keep a 12 month calendar, which is why Ophiuchus has gone nearly unheard of until now.

These new dates are nearly a month different than the previous ones, and this calls to mind doubts about the validity of astrology in general.

“First things first: astrology is NOT astronomy” is the opening line of NASA’s official statement on Tumblr, a popular social media platform. “Astrology…is not science. No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based on their birth dates.”

That being said, most people seem to identify with the aspects of their personality described in their sign, hence why the changes in zodiac dates have caused some confusion.

“All the astrology websites say Leos are outgoing and love attention, which is accurate for me,” says Camila Portocarrero, a junior. “I don’t think I relate more to any other sign.”

Other people believe horoscopes are purely coincidental.

Eric Hynson, a senior, is also skeptical of horoscopes: “Without proof, there’s no real reason to believe in them.”

Not only is there no real proof that the stars cannot attest to your personality traits, but there is speculation that horoscopes are purposefully vague so people with all different kinds of personalities can relate to them.

The popularity of horoscopes has remained constant since they made their debut in the papers in the early 1950s, but why? There is no definitive proof that they are accurate or that they have any special predictive powers. This is especially true now, with the revelation that the dates of the zodiac may have been “incorrect” all along.

It is up to every person to decide whether they truly believe in the powers of the stars. But either way, it is still fun to check your horoscope…