Benton Tackles West Point

Senior Greg Benton Commits to West Point


Senior Greg Benton races the ball downfield. Courtesy of Israel Carunungan

Kalli Kondulis, Writer

And he is running all the way… TOUCHDOWN by Greg Benton!

Greg Benton is a senior at Long Reach High School. Many of you know him as D1 bound. Over the past summer, he has committed himself to football at West Point, a prestigious military school for a select few.

Benton has been in the football game for quite some time now, with this being his 5th year playing football. He first started playing for the Elkridge Hurricanes in Middle School. Not only did he like football, he loved all sports. What made him start playing was how much he liked being on a team. Benton stated, “I always wanted to play for a team, but I moved around a lot when I was little.”

He plays various positions on the field, including Outside Linebacker, Running Back, and Wide Receiver. Senior Quarterback Tyler Raines declared, “His love for the game has only grown more and more.”

In late July of 2016, Benton finally revealed his pick on where his next future step would be. Benton expressed why WP was his choice: “I thought about my future and which school could take me further than football.”

His coach, Jamie Willis, helped him along with the process as well. Coach Willis stated, “I supported his pick, but also made him realize there’s a future after just football.”

During this process, Benton had to visit the school and perform for the coaches so they could see him in action. Some would falter under that pressure, but not Benton. “I don’t worry about people watching me, and I don’t let the pressure get to me. I just play my hardest, I kinda like people watching me.” He added, “You can’t really prepare for it. You can think of questions to ask and perform well at camps.”

Football at Long Reach this year has been at its highest success since 2007. The team went 7-2 the whole season. Benton has made his last season here extraordinary. Coach Willis stated, “He is a great athlete, but an even better student.” That is what makes Benton so accomplished.

Benton’s teammates also expressed how he has been a big help to the team this year on the field. Teammate and fellow senior Jalen Hall stated, “He has been really beneficial to have on the team and really makes us all work harder for the team.”

Through the years, Benton has grown physically and mentally, leaving no doubts about his future success in tackling West Point.