Never Miss A Chance To Dance

LRHS Dance Company


Dance company leaps to success at winter dance concert. Photo courtesy of Israel Carunungan

Jazmin Honeywell, Writer

Everybody grows up with a dream of being something great, whether that be an astronaut, a doctor, a musician, or something else entirely. For a select group of girls who grew up wanting to dance, Long Reach gave them an outlet.

Dance Company is the highest level of dance offered at Long Reach. To be inducted, students need to prepare an audition after successfully completely Dance I.

Once accepted, the girls are required to do work outside of the classroom. Responsibilities include writing a resume of their previous dance experience, choreographing their own dances, and attending meetings.

Senior Jessica Haggerty, a veteran member of the Company, explains that “Dance Company is a lot more than just dancing. It’s a commitment.”

She elaborates, “I find myself always busy with something. I’m either  choreographing for hours, or writing a paper about dance. ”

Every year Dance Company has opportunities to perform more than just school recitals. They visit local elementary and middle schools, and even nearby universities, throughout the year. Senior Amber Josey states, “With this being my first year in Dance Company, being able to perform outside of Long Reach has taught me how to become a better dancer.”

Dance Company even gets the opportunity to dance outside of Maryland once a year: they perform at Disney World alongside Long Reach’s drama department.

“I’ve been able to perform at a wide range of places, but being able to travel with Mrs. Flood and Dance Company is special to me. It’s not only a learning experience, but a time of bonding,” Haggerty says. “It’s a trip that I normally wouldn’t take with the dance studio I’m with, so it holds a special place in my heart.”

Dance Company takes dancers outside of their comfort zone and exposes them to the dynamics and fundamentals that go into dancing.

“I’ve been exposed to new levels of dance I’m nowhere near familiar with. It leaves me with a new appreciation for dance,” Josey notes.

Dance Company is more than just a class for these students. It is an outlet to grow as a dancer, leader, and team member. It is a place where these girls get to be their own “something great.”