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Culture Highlight: Tae Young


May 31, 2016

Diversity is built on the stories that different cultures tell. One such story is that of Junior Tae Young Hwang, who has come to Long Reach from Incheon, South Korea.

“The language and food are the biggest differences,” said Hwang, describing how the transition between countries impacted him. For example, Kimchi, spicy, pickled cabbage, is a widely celebrated dish in Korea that Americans are not familiar with.

The US and Korea also differ in population density. Hwang experienced a somewhat more accessible life in Korea. “You don’t really need a car in Korea,” he explained. “Everything was closer together. It was easier to walk to where you were trying to go.”

Not only was Hwang greatly impacted, but the move also had a great impact on his parents. “Society’s standards are higher here in the US,” said Mr. Hwang.

Korean culture contains many different holidays that the US does not have. These include Seollal Day, Independence day on March 1st, Buddha’s birthday, and Liberation Day. Liberation Day celebrates the Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule at the end of World War II, Buddha’s Birthday celebrates the birth of Buddha, and Seollal day is the Korean New Year celebration.

Moving from another country can have varying effects on the person who is migrating, and in Tae Young’s case, he looks at his move as a benefit because “being multicultural gives me advantages for better jobs, etc.” Hwang’s understanding of other cultures and languages has proved to be very important in today’s diverse world, as businesses are seeking out more people with experiences such as Hwang’s.

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