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Culture Highlight: Celine Schmid


May 31, 2016

Junior Celine Schmid is a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. Schmid states the benefit of a transfer program is that “You can learn a lot about yourself, learn a new language, and meet great new people!”

One of the most dramatic differences between Switzerland and the U.S. is the means of transportation. “Buses go to every town in my country,” explained Schmid. Driver’s Licenses are not issued until the age of 18, so city transportation is in higher demand in Switzerland. This means that Schmid takes a city bus with about 40 other people to go to school in the morning as opposed to a traditional school bus.

The currency rate also differs drastically. “It’s so expensive back home in Switzerland than here,” Schmid said. “A meal from Mcdonalds back at home is like $15.”

Despite this comparison, she acknowledged, “We don’t have a lot of fatty foods and fast food. We just have sit down restaurants.” She commented that popular courses consist mainly of potato and pasta dishes.She also states that she has many cheese and chocolate dishes like “fondue iraclette cheese.”

In adapting to life in the U.S., Schmid said, “I feel eased into American culture. I love how everybody in Long Reach is so open minded and friendly.” She says this because back at home “it’s not as diverse as it is here.”

Schmid is learning so much about culture and education but also saving some money.

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