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Culture Highlight: Talha Mohsin


May 2, 2016

Every country provides a unique lifestyle, culture, and tradition. Talha Mohsin, a senior at Long Reach, was born in Pakistan and grew up with the privilege of being a part of two separate cultures. “Having two cultures integrated into my life provided me many opportunities, along with  hardships,” acknowledges Mohsin.

Pakistan contains a hierarchical society that is ordered by age. The elderly are the most respected and trusted, while the younger generations look up to the seniors to make important decisions. Mohsin’s educational system was a prime example of this as at school where he noted that corporal punishment was still allowed; “teachers would hit you, unlike here.”

The society surrounding him as a whole was completely different. “People didn’t wear as much clothing, and the fashion concept was different. Even something as simple as the way you talked, acted or greeted each other changed completely,” explained Mohsin. “In Pakistan, we would introduce ourselves by giving a handshake and saying ‘Salam’.”

Salam is a common Muslim greeting offering peace. Mohsin practices Islam, the most common religion in Pakistan. One Islamic holiday he celebrates is Eid al Adha, which celebrates Abraham’s devotion to God.“I remember on Eid al Adha, we would gather around our goats the day before the holiday and play with them throughout the day. We would feed and take care of them, unlike here, where you are not allowed to have such animals at your house. I definitely miss out on that compared to back home,” said Mohsin.

Life in a new country has the potential to adjust every aspect of your life, especially the school where students spend most of their days. “The teachers overall are better, and the classes are more advanced and various,” said Mohsin.

Long Reach shows pride in its diversity throughout the school. The opportunity to meet so many kind and unique people is a privilege this school should never take for granted. Mohsin, an example of such diversity, is equally thankful for this school. “It has allowed me to receive a good education and figure out my life,” something that many of us may take for granted.

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