Courtesy of Lifetouch (Arthur Hawkins Photography)
Courtesy of Lifetouch

Arthur Hawkins Photography

Classy Culture Show

May 31, 2016

The Culture Show is Long Reach’s opportunity to represent the various cultures which make up the student body. Students from Long Reach shared their diversity by performing through music and dancing.

“The students are eager to show their culture and to learn more about other different cultures,” stated Mrs. Dorzin, one of the event’s organizers.

Students who have origins from all over the world performed at this event. The countries represented include Pakistan, Japan, Korea, and Haiti, among many others. Latin American performances which were very prominent as well.

“You get to taste food you’ve never tasted before, I liked it,” stated Long Reach Sophomore Lydia Awebza. The food included Korean, Pakistani, and Mexican cuisine. This food was much more flavorful than the average Long Reach lunch; the food here was filled with variety and added an extra spice to the event.

“The culture show provides students the ability to experience dances, songs, and foods from different cultures,” stated Christie Lauture, President of the International Student Organization (ISO).

This year’s culture show was successful as ISO worked very hard to organize it, from synchronizing the music with the performances, to making sure the organizers were on time, and setting up the tables and chairs.

World History teacher Shanya Hilliard said, “This truly goes to show that Long Reach High students of all backgrounds are very talented.”

The culture show provides an opportunity for our students to learn more about each other’s heritage in a fulfilling and engaging environment.

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