Playing at the Next Level

Sports Graduates

Caleb Barber, Writer

Three graduating LRHS athletes prepare for their next step: playing at the collegiate level. It is a great privilege to be accepted to college, but even better when someone’s  hard work is rewarded with a full athletic scholarship or even just the opportunity to play the sport he or she  loves.

Senior Tyler Winbush


Varsity football running back and cornerback Senior Tyler Winbush is proud to transition to the college game starting this fall. Glenville University has recognized his skill as a cornerback and gave him a full scholarship to play at their institution. Winbush said, “This is a great accomplishment; a few of my current and old teammates, coaches and grandparents have helped me get to where I am now.”

Senior Joshua Fawole

Senior Joshua Fawole will advance his soccer career as a Long Reach varsity soccer captain to a  position as a college freshman playing Division 1 soccer at Loyola University with an athletic scholarship.  Fawole said, “ I feel very honored to take my soccer career another step higher at Loyola University.” To help him become successful, Fawole stated, “I think I’ve worked pretty hard to get where I am today. I had to challenge myself and push myself to reach my highest potential.”

Senior Rachel Kim

Varsity soccer player and Senior Rachel Kim has also won a full athletic scholarship to the University of Charleston to play D1 soccer. Kim said, “I’m glad that I am able to play at the University of Charleston… I have worked really hard to further my abilities to play soccer.”