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Sanders v. Clinton: Democratic Clash

April 17, 2016

The two prime candidates are duking it out in a deathmatch for the presidential title. The candidates in question are Bernie Sanders, junior senator from Vermont, and Hillary Clinton, second time running for presidency, who has been nearly head-to-head with Sanders for the past few months coming into the election. They are strong, yet distinct candidates.

Bernie Sanders is what some considered to follow a ‘red’ style in the government, or what some might describe as Democratic Socialist ideals. Compared to Hillary Clinton, he is a new arrival to the Presidential scene, as he has only recently made it to a position as Senator of State, whereas Hillary has helped her husband in an election before this. Her previous experience in the campaigning industry may mean she has a better chance of winning; although, some people would not agree.

“The media presents her as moving forward, considering her previous spotlight,” said Long Reach Junior Jeffrey Tilley. “I think [her publicity] is hurting her case, as the negative contrast is higher than the positivity.”

Some people cannot forget some of the scandals she has faced in the limelight, such as Benghazi and her email routing fiasco. Her previous shortcomings in the campaign industry still show through even to this day in some people’s eyes.

However, “The publicity probably helps her since nothing new [that could harm her image] will emerge,” said Economy teacher Mr. Sanderson. “Her weaknesses have been shown [before], so she [only] has room to grow and exceed expectations.”

Hillary Clinton is a strong candidate with a history in the election process and government overall. Her previous experience shows she has “enough Democratic voters [who trust her] to help change their lives marginally,” said Sanderson. Her spotlight in the election years ago is a major boost to her strengths.

Sanders’ progressive view on problems appeal to the younger generation, as most people believe in his ideals of equality and higher pay for the middle and lower classes. “I like that his heart is in the right place, and [he is a] really loyal person to himself,” said Long Reach Junior Andrew Guerrero. “He believes that what he is doing is right, [despite] taking a couple of steps away from what America is about,” continued Guerrero, referring to our capitalist society.

Mr. Sanderson comments that Sanders “has a vision of what he wants the country to be like, but [has] difficulty with [manipulating the country’s budget] to get there. Hillary has concrete ideas she has proven before.”

Despite whoever is in the lead now, the top is shifting between the two constantly due to the amount of diverse support each candidate is receiving throughout this presidential race.

Due to Sanders’ ideals about the future, he would be the best candidate because his radical economic policies should strengthen the lower and middle class in America. This will then increase the income of the lower classes, which will begin to restore the balance of wealth in the United States populace.  

Voters should try their best to get informed about the two top candidates of the Democratic Party and figure out who they think will do the best for their country.

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