Amplify. (n.d.). [Digital Image]. MILES KANE releases new album ‘CHANGE THE SHOW’ via BMG. Retrieved February 15, 2022 from
Amplify. (n.d.). [Digital Image]. MILES KANE releases new album ‘CHANGE THE SHOW’ via BMG. Retrieved February 15, 2022 from

Get Ready for Some Change

The New Roadtrip-Worth Album by Miles Kane

June 15, 2022

Looking for a new music album? Interested in rock, indie or the northern soul genre? A melody of songs that sounds like a mix of upbeat and slow jazz music, combined with groovy Lovejoy band vibes? Well, you’re in luck! Miles Kane’s newest album, Change the Show, does just that.

Change the Show, which released the 21st of January, 2022, is a mix of upbeat, slow, and funky jazz-pop rock vibrations. Many drums, tambourines, hornes and stringed instruments are played throughout each melody, with music ringing out from each instrument. While the music plays in the background, Kane’s voice modifies in a way that seems similar to music artist Jack Stauber’s voice in his music, without the dramatic pitch changes.

In more detail, Kane’s new album contains music that sounds like a mix of rock, indie, jazz and old 70’s motif. ‘60s and ‘70s Motown Northern Soul inspired Change the Show. The album takes you back to the 70’s, listening to music on an old record player or radio, jammin’ out to a series of heartfelt, joyful, jazz and upbeat melodies. A feeling of calmness flows over you, making you feel as if you’re on a long road trip in the 1900’s vibing out to some nice, cruise-worthy music.

Kane’s album Change the Show was mentioned to have the same ‘vibe’ as Lovejoy. The ‘vibe’ or feel of music doesn’t necessarily mean just the genre; it can mean the feeling, instruments, music chords, etcetera. What Change the Show and the band Lovejoy’s vibe share is the genre of indie-rock, discussing certain aspects of life in music, and the same amplified feel of joy you feel when you’re exposed to the songs.

Aspects of Jack Stauber’s music are shown in Change the Show through Stauber’s use of the retro-pop genre. When Stauber sings, he accomplishes a feat that you don’t usually see in others’ music: somehow, he fluctuates his voice in a way that makes him seem like he’s got the voices of completely different people. Kane brings this energy to the table as well by using dramatic voice pitch changes and extreme high and lows in volume of his voice. 

Change the Show is an album that discusses certain eras in one’s life and self-reflectance about life. For instance, the lyrics to “Coming of Age,” which state “I sue myself for damages for the mistakes that I have made” may refer to Kane reaching 35 where he became more self-aware. The song came to be some sort of acceptance in that time and moment of his life, coming to be comfortable with who he is and his life journey.

Try something new for a change, judge it for yourself, and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite. The music comes by as a universally perfect song to listen to on the radio, inside a car, with the warm summer air, and sunny skies.


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