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A new ABC show "Abbott Elementary"

June 15, 2022

Earning a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, Abbott Elementary has become one of the highest-rated television shows on the site. Abbott Elementary is about staff members at a poorly funded and understaffed elementary school in Philadelphia. The show’s creator, Quinta Brunson, named the show and found inspiration from her 6th grade teacher, Ms. Joyce Abbott. Quinta Brunson also found inspiration from her mother, who was a school teacher for nearly 40 years, working at an underprivileged school. The show on ABC is already getting compared to The Office and Modern Family, but the show is a new and refreshing take on the mockumentary format.

Quinta Brunson, “Abbott Elementary” creator started her career on Instagram. She created a series called “Girl who has never been on a nice date,” which led to her working with Buzfeed. After leaving Buzzfeed in 2018, Quinta went on to act in several series [Mostly network/youtube]. Now in 2021, she is the writer, director, executive producer, and star in her new hit show “Abbott Elementary.”

On December 7, 2022 Abbott Elementary’s first episode aired at 9pm. The very first episode tackled realistic topics like not having enough money to buy supplies for the school, teachers having to come out of pocket to get supplies and extras for their classroom, etc. “The episode will also shed light on the setting and the initial challenges teachers face in their quest to provide quality education to children at Philadelphia Public School. The episode may also introduce the themes of social inequality and neglect faced by students in the public sector of education.”‘Abbott Elementary’ Episode 1: “Pilot” is ready to roll (

Although the show is a mockumentary, and has comedically timed looks at the camera, Abbott Elementary talks about serious topics, such as insufficient resources for students and teachers, misuse of funds for the school, and lack of care for students and staff. The mockumentary style allows viewers to digest the show easier since many people relate and see these issues on a daily basis. 

The characters are the most crucial aspect of the show. Second grade teacher Janine Teauges is optimistic, persistent and happy. Janine is determined to make her students’ lives as good as can be. Gregory Eddie, a first grade substitute teacher, begins standoffish and disinterested with the kids in the beginning, but eventually warms up and gets his students to find the fun in learning. And lastly, the principal. Ava Coleman doesn’t do much for the kids or has any interest in the kids, and is pretty much working at the school because she needs a job. Although there are many characters in the show, every character contributes a unique role to Abbott Elementary

The show Abbott Elementary exists because a sixth grader Quinta Brunson never forgot how she felt seen by her teacher. Without a supportive and caring teacher, we wouldn’t have Abbott Elementary today. With new episodes each week, viewers can get the behind the scenes glimpse of how poorly funded schools with teachers who genuinely care about their students can take the school and the students very far. 

 After getting 97% on the rotten tomato list and 91% on the audience score list, Abbott Elementary was renewed for a second season. With another season, the show can tackle more realistic topics and even funnier comedic timing.


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