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New Africa. Bye Bye 2020. Adobe Stock.

New Africa. “Bye Bye 2020.” Adobe Stock.

Goodbye 2020

January 6, 2021

 Unprecedented. A word we have heard over and over in 2020. Even though this year has definitely been one for the history books, let’s take a second to look at some of the positives that have come out of this pandemic and quarantine as this year comes to an end.

“Fireworks & Goodbye to 2020.” Journal Review.

Less Air Pollution

Globally, transportation movement has slowed. With people working from home and less of the population commuting to work, the use of environmentally-harming vehicles, like cars, buses, and planes, has significantly decreased. Prior to this pause, the harmful effects of pollution and carbon dioxide in the air was on the minds of just about everyone as we knew that it would affect our planet’s future and the lives of future generations. Luckily, this “breather” that the Earth has been given is a crucially important step in preserving our environment’s well-being. Plus, these circumstances make the time that is spent outdoors even more enjoyable. Sure, we might be stuck inside our stuffy and familiar homes, but we have now learned to appreciate the fresh air and time spent outside. And remember, your grandchildren will thank you for making their lives even just a little bit easier. 


Empty Pet Shelters

Did you know that dog shelters all around the country are running out of pets? Shortages like toilet paper and hand sanitizer are common knowledge, but shortages of adoptable pets? Millions of families in our country and around the world have taken this extra time at home to adopt a new dog or cat. From a friend for a toddler to a couch companion, the loneliness of quarantine leading to new pet friends has put a positive spin on being stuck at home. Our sheltering in place has led to empty shelters, meaning that more pets are being adopted every day and finding new homes in which they will be loved. This rush on pets is a positive twist on the “lack ofs” many have experienced this year, and we can only hope that the trends of empty shelters will continue to grow in the coming years. 


A Sense of Community and Appreciation

Thank You Essential Workers Sign available at

“Thank you essential workers!” signs can be seen on the streets just about everywhere nowadays. From posts on Instagram to commercials on TV, our population has truly come together this year to recognize the important and life-changing efforts made by doctors, nurses, and other essential workers during this crisis. While we are working from home, there are still others whose jobs cannot be done remotely. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed and everyone from Starbucks, to students, to families, have sent gifts and cards, offered free food or drinks, or even something as small as a distanced high-five so that those hard-working individuals know that they are appreciated. If you haven’t already, take a moment to thank an essential worker that you know for putting others first and working selflessly for their community! This mutual struggle has brought communities and our country together to recognize individuals who are altruistically serving us and our loved ones, proving that nothing can fully divide our nation. 

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