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Award-Winning Wasilewski

The Principal of the Year Award

May 2, 2019


Principal Wasilewski (center) being presented with the award by Superintendent Martirano (left) and County Executive Calvin Ball (right). Photo courtesy of Long Reach High School.

Breaking news! Principal Joshua Wasilewski, accompanied by his wife and children, was awarded the 2019 Principal of the Year Award the morning of March 7, 2019 by Superintendent Martirano.

Wasilewski was honored by students and staff at a surprise ceremony at Long Reach. Selected students and staff were chosen to attend the ceremony which included a large sign made that read “congrats Was” in all capital letters.

In order to be given the award, students, teachers, and other members of the HCPSS community filled out nomination forms to recognize Wasilewski as the best Principal. These forms had multiple sections where the nominators had to prove he was right for the award.

“Mr. Wasilewski goes out of his way to say hello to everyone with a smile on his face,” Junior Paige Rosenfeld commented.

“He is a very strong leader and is committed to serving his students,” Junior Sam Levine stated.

After the award ceremony was over, Wasilewski, along with Martirano, made a special announcement to the students and staff of LRHS.

“He adds enthusiasm to everything he says and this announcement had high levels of enthusiasm,” Rosenfeld included.

Wasilewski began at Long Reach in 2016, having worked in Howard County for eighteen years total. Since becoming principal, Wasilewski has centered his work around the “One Long Reach” initiative. This involves the members of Long Reach coming together as one body, accepting each person as they are.

Dhruvit Patel, a junior, said “he reaches out to all the kids and makes sure that they feel like they are apart of the community.”

Through “One Long Reach,” the LRHS staff push their agenda of building strong and positive relationships with each person within the community.

Rosenfeld added “I remember one time Mr. Wasielewski came up to me because he recognized me in the newspaper from soccer. He told me to keep up the good work and that he was proud of me.”

Wasilewski always extends his welcome to ensure that each student feels as though they belong. “He’s very engaged in the Long Reach community,” Patel added, “and he helps out in any way that he can.”

He demonstrates the qualities of a strong leader, committed helper, and overall fun guy, helping him to win the award. The Long Reach community hopes to see more of his excellence.

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