Into The Blue!

Alejandra Ravera-Martinez’s college choice


Alejandra Rivera Martinez signs with the Navy. Photo courtesy of Collin Sullivan.

Audrey Paulino, Website Editor, Writer

Long Reach senior Alejandra Rivera -Martinez has signed with the Marines!

Rivera is pursuing the Marines ROTC program at either Old Dominion University or Virginia Military Institute, and is currently waiting to be notified if she was accepted for a scholarship.

What made Rivera so interested in the Marines? “I’ve always been into law enforcement and wanted to have a career in it. It wasn’t really until the end of Junior year when I talked to a recruiter, that I knew 100% I wanted to become a United States Marine,” Martinez explained. “I wanted to do something that hasn’t been done in the family, so I would be the first female to join the Armed Forces. Also, just being able to prove people wrong… people have told me that I wouldn’t make it cause I’m too small or don’t have the strength.”

Martinez hopes that the Marines will teach her life lessons. “Definitely leadership, and becoming mentally stronger. They have the toughest training, and they will prepare you for any scenario. Most of all, I just want to grow as an individual and be the best person I can be. I know that the challenges I will face and the teamwork I will do everyday will allow me to do just that.”