Keystone Kirby

Jaydan Kirby Commits To Keystone University

Jazmin Honeywell, Staff Writer

Lacrosse is just another sport to some, but to Jaydan Kirby it is a part of his life. Practicing for three hours, five days a week, and weekend long tournaments all helped paved the way for Kirby’s commit to Keystone University.

Senior Jaydan Kirby on the field. Photo courtesy of Israel Carunungan.

“I’ve been playing for about five years now, but never did I picture myself playing at college level,” expresses Kirby.

Kirby joined Maryland Xtreme, which is a club team played outside of school. They offer a high school program that helps their players build up a competitive drive to reach their lacrosse goals.

Maryland Xtreme’s team consists of coaches and players from Howard, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Carroll, and PG county.

“Playing with Xtreme has made me work harder. It’s helped me set goals and work until I reach them. All around it has also helped increase my lacrosse IQ,” announces Kirby, smiling proudly of how far he has come. “All of this is such a surreal feeling. I can’t wrap my head around it.”

With Kirby’s work ethic and undeniable talent for the sport, his commitment to Keystone University came as no surprise.

Fellow teammate and senior Michael Stokes said, “I’ve been playing with Jaydan for a few years now, and I am proud of the player and teammate he is!” He continued to rave on saying, “ He (Kirby) definitely deserves the opportunities he’s been given, and I know Keystone will be more than honored to have him on their team.”

Continuing to Keystone was an easy decision for Kirby due to their great team ethics and their love for the sport.