A New Zeus


Delaney Harrison, Layout Editor, Writer

Long Reach High School has a new logo,  courtesy of our new Principal Wasilewski, and it is glorious to behold! The new logo is an image of Zeus, matching our mascot, drawn in clean gray, black, and purple. He is wielding a lightning bolt and an impressive hairstyle, floating on a cloud presumably just out of view, and framed by the school’s name and establishment date, 1996.
Did you know 2016 was Long Reach’s 20th anniversary? Many students did not, but the logo overhaul was done specially for this momentous occasion. The entire student body took a moment to vote between two options for the logo, both displaying Zeus. The one featuring our school’s date of establishment and with slightly differing font ended up winning out. But hopefully, we will be seeing Zeus (in this iteration or the next) for another 20 years.